Return service

In a case of returns, please proceed as follows

United Parcel Service
UPS (United Parcel Service)
  1. Please fill in at the return receipt the return quantity, the reason of return (per position), the date and your signature.

  2. Order the return using the form below.
    AMADA accepts the freight costs only in case of a return via UPS, use of the UPS return label and compliance with the following weight limitation...

    Maximum package weight:
    Dimensional weight = (L x W x H in cm) / 5.000
    The weight must not exceed 32 kg

  3. After successful registration, UPS will collect your return free of charge and deliver it to AMADA.

Packages that exceed the above-named weight may only be registered after consulting Amada GmbH!

Please enter only the last 8 numbers of the return receipt:

1Z 07W 90F 91
1Z 07W 90F 91
1Z 07W 90F 91
1Z 07W 90F 91