Retrofittable efficiency in a new dimension

With the new ABS-R bending automation solution for HFE M2 and HFE3i press brakes, bending becomes more productive and efficient.

The new AMADA ABS-R system ensures an enormous increase in efficiency and performance. It is a bending automation solution which can be retrofitted to manual AMADA press brakes of type AMADA HFE M2 and HFE3i to convert them into fully automatic, autonomous bending cells – together with all the advantages that go with this: The ABS-R bending automation solution increases production capacity and ensures high-precision, error-free processing with absolutely consistent quality. The ABS-R bending cell is a flexibly configurable system whose layout can be individually adapted to meet any production requirements.

Therefore it is possible to choose between three different 6-axis robots with loading capacities of between 50 and 200 kg. The robot travels along a ground track which can be up to 24 meters in length. This exploits the entire length of the machine and keeps the loading and unloading capabilities flexible.

It can also be used with an automatic loading system which considerably increases loading capacities compared to a closed cell. The system, which can be switched between robot and manual operation at the control cabinet, is rounded off by a reference table, reclamping station and optional customerspecific equipment, as well as by a safety barrier of up to three meters in height.