HG-2204 ATC

Servo-hydraulic press brake with hydraulic crowning system and automatic tool changer

In the sheet metal processing a variety of parts and small quantities are required. To successfully meet this requirement, AMADA exemplifies the HG ATC Series - the combination of a servo-hydraulic press brake with automatic tool changer.

Press capacity (kN)2200
Press beam length (mm)4300
Distance between frames (mm)3760
Stroke (mm)250
Open height (mm)596
Working height (mm)90
Bending speed (mm/sec)20
Approach speed (mm/sec)220
Return speed (mm/sec)250

ATC tool changer:
Number of tool stockers (punch)18
Number of tool stockers (dies)25
Tool layout length15 - 4000
Tool length increments5

Length (mm)8230
Width (mm)3287
Height (mm)3325
Weight (kg)22400