ENSIS-3015RI (3kW)

Productivity expansion for flat sheet and tube processing

Fiber Laser cutting machine for flat sheet and tube processing

Combining AMADA’s ENSIS 3kW flatbed laser cutting technology with the Rotary Index (RI) tube and profile cutting system, AMADA is exhibiting a machine with very wide range applications. ENSIS technology, with variable beam control, allows for high speed thin material processing and stable thick mild steel cutting.
The RI system has been upgraded to incorporate dual synchronous drive chucks and high speed Z-axis control which reduce run times significantly and ensure high productivity. Round, square and rectangular tubes can all be processed, as well as channel and angle sections. Flat sheet to tube changeover is done in less than 2 minutes. The ENSIS RI is equipped with a dual cutting pallet system which does not need to be compromised when tube processing.