Solution Center Haan - AMADA GmbH

Solution Center Haan - AMADA GmbH

On 7 September 2009, Amada GmbH relocated into the new headquarters, the "Solution Center". The overall concept driving the new building is part of our goal to systematically provide our clients with the best possible support in their efforts to be innovative, competitive and profitable, now and into the future. The Solution Center not only takes center stage for exhibiting technologies, but also is the place where we offer comprehensive solution analyses, consulting and training. This provides operators with access to information and extensive training regarding the latest developments in the field of metal manufacturing.

Solution Center Haan - AMADA GmbH

Takenaka Europe GmbH, with official seat in Dusseldorf, represented the Amada group as the general contractor. The project management for the new building was controlled by Amada GmbH.

The initial preparatory efforts for the new Solution Center building were already under way in May 2008. The layout of the building is spacious and open - a stylish combination of form and function that is brought into a harmonious balance with the surrounding nature. Respect and responsibility for nature and the environment are part of Amada's philosophy and were certainly taken into account when the new headquarters were built.

The originally planned size

AT 46,000 sqm - the originally planned size of the lot intended for the Solution Center - the site is home to an exhibition area, an administration area, a training center and a spare parts warehouse as the first phase of construction project. In November 2008, this was extended by an additional 25,000 sqm for a total of 71,000 sqm.
The second phase of construction project was built on the additionally purchased land and is home to the Technical Center for AMADA Machine Tools Europe GmbH plus a building for tool making for AMADA GmbH. AMADA Machine Tools Europe was founded in 2010. This company is responsible for the bandsaw, high-precision turning and grinding machine fields.

Ground Breaking Ceremony

The ground-breaking ceremony was celebrated on 06.06.2008 with Japanese rites. Guests of honor were, among others, the Japanese management of the AMADA group and the prime minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Dr Jürgen Rüttgers.

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