MP Series

Parallel loading and unloading increases efficiency

AMADA's MP loading/unloading unit provides you with the option to automate loading and unloading the machine now or as a subsequent upgrade. The unit is available in two sizes. Using the separate units, the machine is loaded and unloaded in parallel, thus cutting down on time. The compact design requires very little floor space.

A long continuous production process is ensured. This is provided by the fast and straight-forward feeding of the raw material because of the convenient access, as well as the high load capacity of the two pallet changers of 3,000 kg each.

Handling various materials, ranging from standard steel, aluminum and stainless steel to plastics and materials with sensitive surfaces, presents no problem for the MP: the loading/unloading unit is equipped with vacuum suction cups, which ensure secure and controlled manipulation of the material.

Upon request, you have the ability to increase the level of automation at any time by linking an automatic storage and retrieval system. AMADA's modular concept for all automation components simplifies automation.


  • Minimal changeover time reduces costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Longer unattended machine cycle times
  • Simultaneous multi-machine operation
  • Increased labor cost efficiencies
  • Smaller economic lot-sizes improve return on investment