Laser Technology
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Fibre laser sheet metal of the future

The AMADA FOL-3015 AJ NT sheet metal machine, equipped with a fiber laser, is a true all-rounder that is able to cut even difficult materials such as copper, titanium and brass. The fiber laser is extremely energy-efficient, compact and exceedingly productive in operation.

The heart of the fibre laser

The heart of the fibre laser is a resonator that generates a laser beam with a wavelength that is only approximately a tenth of that emitted by a conventional gas laser. The machine speeds achieved by the FOL-AJ fibre laser offer a very satisfactory performance level.
For example, it is possible to achieve cutting speeds of 60 m/min when processing 1 mm-thick stainless steel. This is due to the fact that the resonator is configured from a number of laser modules. A top-range fiber laser, for example, can attain an output of up to 4 kW.

Advantage of the fibre laser technology

The fiber laser needs no warm-up and has greatly reduced energy requirement in standby operation. The excellent energy efficiency not only reduces operating costs but also saves resources. Moreover, because the fibre laser needs no CO2 during operation, the fiber laser helps to reduce emissions of this environmentally harmful gas.