Bending Tools

AMADA bending tools

AMADA's product range of tool technology for press brakes comprises many high-quality tools that have been optimally tailored to the types of processing requirements and machine designs. The extensive bending tool product range offers a wide range of profile shapes. Even complicated bending jobs can be produced profitably and appropriately using standard tools.

Research and development at AMADA has always been very important in the tool technology department as well. In order to guarantee consistently good quality and high precision, all bending tools are produced on modern computer-controlled manufacturing systems. Material properties and the way materials perform in practice are continuously reviewed and evaluated at AMADA research centers.

Bending Tool Series

Special bending tools

Hot formed raw material for punches

AMADA press brake tools
AMADA press brake tools

Punches are usually produced from square rolled bars. Amada produce every punch from hot rolled or hot extruded quality steel to ensure maximum strength and durability.

Maximum strength
As you can see from the figures above hot rolled/extruded profiles have the critical central area (with inevitable segregations) in the centre of the profile with no influence on the strength. On the other hand, by the manufacturing from rolled square bars, the critical central area comes through the finish surface and reduce the tooling strength.

Maximum longevity
Hot rolling / extrusion of the raw material provides best material quality for press brake punches.

Complete laser-marking

Press brake tools are completely marked by laser
Press brake tools are completely marked by laser
Press brake tools are completely marked by laser
Press brake tools are completely marked by laser

All Amada Press Brake Toolings are completely marked by Laser. Essential information like tooling type, angle, tonnage, length and radius are marked even on the sectional tooling parts.

  • clear identification
  • marking durability
  • two side marking for 2V-dies
  • marking without chemicals
  Throughhardened Inductionhardened AMANIT®
Surface hardness 45-50 HRC 52-56 HRC 60-65 HRC
Core strength 1500 N/mm² 650 N/mm² 1150 N/mm²

None-Corrosive Coating is a chemical conversion coating that transforms the metallic surface of the punch into a non-metallic crystalline coating.

  • prevent corrosion (rust) on the punch body
  • give an exclusive black appearance to the punch
  • provide more longevity

Tooling safety

The most conventional way to estimate the tooling safety is to determine the safety factor. The bending motion is repeated over a long period of time, and therefore we manufacture all toolings with high quality steel for extreme durability. The high ultimate strength of the material we use (see below), creates a high safety factor in the tooling, not only against failure caused by dead loads but also against fatigue caused by an infinite number of repeated loads.

Optimal protection & highest wear resistance

AMANIT® Quality
AMANIT® Quality

AMANIT® Press Brake Toolings have the best qualities for applications where very high wear and extreme load bearing occur.

  • provides highest wear resistance on the tool surface (HRC 60-65)
  • lowers the friction on the shoulder radii (by compound layer lubricity)
  • has high tensile strength - 1150 N/mm²
  • adds corrosion resistance to tooling

Solutions to productivity, quality, cost and many other bending problems

As various products increase in precision and decrease in delivery lead time, they also accelerate in complexity and combination through reduction in the part count. Emphasis on design also calls for greater care to be exercised to maintain shape accuracy and prevent marring. As sheet metal bending processes change, materials themselves change in shape. This makes it necessary to change necessary tooling. Our customers are making varied efforts at process rationalization and quality improvement in their daily production operations.

Amada has developed solutions currently considered best suited to meet these and many other sheet metal bending problems. We hope that our tooling products introduced in this Amada Press Brake Tooling Guide will help you find solutions to your sheet metal bending problems.

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