Laser Technology
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Quality with unique design

Its original one single mobile mirror-based design enables the LC ALPHA III laser cutting machine to produce high quality parts. Its numerous series equipments make it polyvalent to deal both with batch or units parts. Provided in 2 types of size and 2 types of laser oscillator power, this machine may be integrated to a flexible production line. The LC-ALPHA III series is the third generation of ALPHA laser cutting systems (ALPHAALPHA II)

Achieve quick accurate results

The laser machines of the ALPHA series operate according to the principle of "semi-flying optics", which combines the advantages of the "flying" and the fixed optics. The result is high speed and excellent precision. Even complex contours can be processed in an amazing short time with consistently high quality with this laser machine.

Excellent economy

A special feature of the ALPHA laser machines is the scratchless and splatter-free processing. The laser cutting process and the suction of cutting gases and slag particles occur in a precisely defined area between the driven material support rollers.

The laser machines of the ALPHA series guarantee impressively low cost of parts because consuming re-work is eliminated and the workpieces can be supplied immediately for further processing.

Continuous work flow

A large auto parts flap allows a continuous process flow in unmanned operation. It is installed below the laser head and disposed of parts instantly from the cutting area. They are directly available for further processing. No longer waiting to the end of the process. The ALPHA III can also be extended with automatic loading and unloading system of AMADA.

Flexible Manufacturing

The laser cutting machines of the ALPHA III series provide best results for different tasks. The possibility of automatic repositioning provide even long sheets with no problem - the purchase of a larger machine is thereby often unnecessary.