FLW-3000 ENSIS - M5

FLW-3000 ENSIS with M5 shuttle positioner

The FLW-3000 ENSIS M5 combines the advantages of conventional welding technologies with the benefits of modern laser welding. The combination of a variable beam adaption with so called weaving, the optional possibility to let the beam oscillate dynamically through a rotating lens up to 3000min-1 ensures the best possible results and maximum processing bandwidth. Due to its low material deposit, the FLW-3000 ENSIS M5 is also ideal for processing sophisticated materials and diverse material thicknesses, delicate design surfaces made of aluminum and stainless steel; rework requirement is almost non-existent.  Larger gap widths can be compensated with the push&pull function through the welding rod supply. AMADA”s fiber laser conquers the limitations of conventional welding lasers whose beam can only bridge small gaps due to its fineness.

Setting-Up During the Production Process is Also Possible Now: Time-Saving Shuttle Table System

The production processes can run parallel due to the integration of the new shuttle table system. While a welding process is performed in the station’s chamber, the next table can already be prepared. This prevents long cycle periods, unintended down-times and significantly accelerates your production. In contrast to the traditional rotary table in the chamber wall, this system can also accommodate the processing of large components without effort.

Automation and Connectivity to Industry 4.0

Due to the versatile networking options within AMADA’s Industry 4.0 interpretation, the V-factory, the FLW-3000 ENSIS with the M5 shuttle table system can also be integrated in an integral production system on a timely basis. This allows you to utilize your high-performance machines in the most efficient manner and decrease setup time as well as loading and unloading efforts to a minimum.


  • Low energy requirement due to an efficiency degrees of >30%
  • Brilliant welding results with weaving process and variable beam adjustment, almost no rework requirement, depending on the task
  • The push&pull welding rod supply also bridges larger welding gaps
  • 3 kW laser power achieves results normally only accomplished with significantly higher laser power
  • Low maintenance costs/service costs due to low wear–and-tear components