AE-2610 NT

AE 2610 NT – Compact Introductory Punch Press for Medium and Large Formats

The introduction of the new AE 2610 expands the series by one machine for medium and large formats – ideal for the introductory phase. Below and overview of the characteristics for the new price/performance miracle.

Those who are familiar with AMADA have probably been familiar with the AE-series in the punch press segment for quite some time. The machines combine servo-electrical drive and the advantages of mechanical punching technology with the speed and flexibility of hydraulic high-speed systems. This does not only guarantee increased production speed and the highest level of precision and functionality, but it also reduces setup times and costs to a minimum.

Larger Geometries with Punch Turrets with Expanded Station Design

Due to the continuous development of the AE-series it is now possible to serve a significantly larger work and application segment. The punching turret with the patented 3-row design now features 45 stations which also include two E-stations in addition to the freely rotating B and C stations. These especially high-dimension stations enable the use of respectively large-format tools with a 4 1/2" inch punch diameter for the first time. This expansion does not only enable punching and forming large geometries. Moreover, it also allows for quick and efficient punching on an external contour, for example, because it now requires much less strokes. The punch pattern has also been improved, because the decreased number of strokes also lowers the contour deformations.


  • At 3.5 kW energy consumption, the AE 2610 uses approx. one third of a comparable hydraulic machine
  • Low maintenance costs and service costs due to low wear–and-tear components
  • Innovative energy renewal principle: surplus energy from the brake processes is buffered and used to accelerate the tool again.
  • Suitable as an introductory punching press due to its low acquisition cost and longevity of the construction.

User-Friendly AMNC-Control

  • Intuitive operation
  • Standalone and and multiple machine operation

Connectivity to Industry 4.0: Automation and External Programming

Integrate your punch press in an optimized production environment and produce more cost- efficient! For example, the AE 2610 can be connected to the AMADA MP SheetCat as a compact loading and off-loading system for punch press machines and laser machines, which is also ideal for use in small and medium lot sizes, as well as urgent orders.