RMP 3015
RMP 3015

Automatic loading & unloading device

The RMP 3015 - Rear Manipulator
RMP 3015 - Rear Manipulator

The RMP 3015 loading & unloading system has been developed to realize the combined flexibility of the stand alone punch- laser combination with an automated production cell.

Compact layout, space-saving design Productivity through unmanned operation Flexibility through ‘open front’ design Accessibility of the machine, materials and parts Characteristics.

The ‘open front’ concept allows for rapid one off production, whilst the rear manipulator unit allows high volume manufacture.
Open front concept
Suction cups allow the loading of different materials, including mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

RMP = Rear Manipulator

The Rear Manipulator (RMP) Unit module facilitates safe and reliable automatic loading unloading and high speed. This module ensure that productivity for the processing machine is maximized.

RMP 3015 sheetmetal unloader